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Give Them the Best Music Education Available.

Music education is crucial for every child's development. Not only is it great fun, but it helps pupils to develop their confidence, creativity and self-discipline. A recent study from The University College of London found that learning an instrument develops a child's ability to read, comprehend social environments, enhances their memory, improves physical health and well-being, and can even boost the immune system!

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Drum Kit

Do You Want to Nurture Your Child's Interest in Music?

What Are the Benefits?

Our team of tutors are trained educators and working professionals within the music industry. This allows us to bring the best technology, tried-and-tested methods and up-to-date practises into the classroom to facilitate an unbeatable learning experience across a range of instruments.

Each lesson, we provide pupils with learning resources to take home for practise during the week, encouraging and enabling the developlment of their musicality.

Our own range of tuition books and courses have been carefully designed to a give every child the opportunity to enjoy making music from their very first lesson and "learn by doing".

Instruments can be provided for use during the lessons free of charge.

We also support pupils through graded exams with the ABRSM, Rockschool and Trinity exam boards. We also offer an instrument hire service, including our very own brand of guitars which you can view in our store.

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