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Does Your School Need Peripatetic Instrument Tuition?

Our "Future Rockstars" Scheme is perfect for school-aged learners.


We provide fun and professional peripatetic instrumental lessons, after-school clubs, educational assemblies and themed one-off educational workshop days that will engage and inspire.


Inclusive music provision is vital to every child's formative years, which is why this scheme is heavily discounted for all. Further discounts are available through our pupil premium initiatives.

What Are the Benefits?

Our team of tutors are trained educators and working professionals within the music industry. This allows us to bring the best technology, tried-and-tested methods and up-to-date practises into the classroom to facilitate an unbeatable learning experience across a range of instruments.

What Makes Our Peripatetic Music Lessons Different?

Each lesson, we provide pupils with learning resources to take home for practise during the week, encouraging and enabling the developlment of their musicality.

Our own range of tuition books and courses have been carefully designed to a give every child the opportunity to enjoy making music from their very first lesson and "learn by doing".

We also support pupils through graded exams with the ABRSM, Rockschool and Trinity exam boards.

Instruments can be provided for use during the lessons free of charge, all we require from the school is a suitable room/space to conduct the music lessons.

Supporting Your Child's Passion

We work closely with parents to organise payments, timetable lessons, create progress reports, provide instrument advice and answer any questions parents may have about their pupil's music education.

 Our flexible approach means that we can curate a timetable that meets the needs of each school's daily routines, allowing for the seamless intergration of peripatetic ​music lessons.

We're having great success providing our services to primary and secondary school pupils across the UK, so why not get in touch about our services today? 

Note: During school closures and COVID-19 lockdowns, we also offer remote learning via Zoom.

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