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Workplace Wellbeing Schemes

How We Can Serve Your Company

GrooveLine Music Education is the UK's first company to offer a specialist music education & wellbeing scheme for the corporate workplace. We work as partners with businesses and organisations to develop new and existing workplace well-being schemes with a focus on increasing productivity, motivation and creativity through music.

What Are The Benefits To The Employee And The Employer? 

Wellbeing schemes are an important part of business culture, offering a range of benefits to both the employee and the employer. There is an amplitude of evidence to suggest that musical experiences can increase cognitive performance, productivity, engagement, morale and co-operation within the workplace. Our music-centred schemes are designed to strike a healthy work/life balance, which can also boost creativity and improve problem solving, as well as providing a feeling of empowerment and ownership within a working environment. 

There are also proven mental health benefits to wellbeing schemes and in particular, musical experiences. Many studies into the relationship between music and mental health have claimed that music can reduce stress, anxiety and help combat depression. 

Participants in our Music & Motivation Scheme will receive the highest quality of instrumental mentorship, as well as be provided opportunities to learn more about specific creativity-focussed exercises that are transferable into the workplace and every day life. 



Why Choose Us?

We offer a service that goes beyond the music classes. We offer an excellent communication and admin service utilising an online portal - allowing flexible timetabling to fit around each employees schedule, time zone and location. We also have instrument supply packages to ensure each learner maximises their time during classes.

We also offer workshops, team building events and presentations focussing on motivation, boosting productivity through encouraging musical creativity. The Music & Motivation Scheme provides not only experts in music education, but experts in creativity and its effect upon lifestyle, motivation and productivity.

How Does It Work?

A range of payment and pricing plans are offered to suit the needs and structures of each individual or business. It starts with a free consultation so that we can tailor a scheme that is perfect for you based upon the individual structure, ethos and culture of each workplace. 

Let's start today.

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