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Terms and Conditions Of Service For The "Future Rockstars" Scheme

Thank you for enrolling in music lessons with Grooveline Music Education under our "Future Rockstars Scheme". Below you will find some information, policies and expectations. You will be notified via e-mail each time we ammend these Terms and Conditions.


You have enrolled to receive music lessons delivered to yourself or your child, by a Grooveline Music Education tutor. Upon enrolling you have agreed to a lesson type (group or individual) and duration (measured in minutes). Grooveline Music Education agrees to deliver this service upon the agreed dates and times, for the agreed duration and lesson type, or that of an equivalent monetary value. Clients purchase lessons in batches, normally of 10 lesson 'credits' at a time. Each lesson that is completed will use 1 lesson 'credit'.


Lessons will take place each week that the school is open, unless otherwise stated on the "teachworks" portal schedule. 

If the client wishes to cancel the music lesson for any reason, they may do so with more than 24 hours notice without being charged for the lesson. If the cancellation is within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson time, then the client may still be charged. The client does not need to notify Grooveline Music Education if the school is closed (eg. INSET day), but all other reasons for a cancelled lesson require prior notification. (eg. school trips, doctors appointments, illness, exams etc).

In the event of Grooveline Music Education cancelling the lesson, the client will not be charged for the cancelled lesson. 

Notice Period:

Should the client wish to discontinue the music lessons, then they may do so with a minimum 5 weeks notice. If the client does not have sufficient lesson credits to complete the 5 week notice period, then the client may be asked to purchase more credits in order to complete the notice period, unless otherwise agreed with Grooveline Music Education management.

Grooveline Music Education reserves the right to terminate the delivery of the music lessons at any time, for any reason.


Grooveline Music Education works within the pre-agreed parameters set out by the host school. This determines the times, day and location in which Grooveline Music Education is permitted to carry out music lessons. 

Grooveline Music Education reserves the right to amend timetables and schedules without prior warning.

Whilst we do everything we can to ensure a timetable schedule that is suitable for all parties, schedules cannot be amended by the client without the prior agreement of Grooveline Music Education management.

Instrument Hire:

Grooveline Music Education offers an instrument rental service. Upon making payment for this service, the client agrees to keep the instrument in good working order equal to the condition in which the instrument was delivered to the client. Any instruments damaged, sold or lost will be replaced at the expense of the client. 

Practice At Home:

Grooveline Music Education expects all pupils to be supported at home and encouraged to practise their instrument in between their weekly music lessons in order to maximise improvement. 

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