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Reimagine & Revolutionise Primary Music
Education. Join our franchise network and
Become part of the movement.

Grooveline Music Education was created as a direct response to what we saw as a failing system for music education in the UK. Through no fault of their own, Primary Schools have been forced to focus time, and resources on other areas of the national curriculum that have been deemed more important. This coupled with challenges in finding both staff that are musically qualified, along with a lack of funding for high quality instruments means that music education often becomes an afterthought. 


One where teaching often does not meet the standards required, to the detriment of young students across the country.

Grooveline Music Education

“Having studied music all my life, worked as a professional musician around the globe, and later an independent guitar tutor in schools, the flaws and gaps in what is such an important part of the education system seemed obvious to me. I have experienced both good and bad music education and I have seen first hand how the direction of a life can be altered by either extreme. I decided to take action.”

Will Bennett


We believe that engaging with music education at an early age is a crucial part of a child’s development. It provides an extraordinary range of cognitive, emotional, and social benefits that help children to thrive in all areas of their lives. Our mission therefore is to ensure that as many children as possible get to experience the benefits that a love of music provides.


To do this, we are on a journey to bring Grooveline Music Education to schools around the UK. In order to meet our ambitious goal we are looking for passionate, like minded individuals who want to lead the music education revolution with us. 


Sound like something you want to be part of?

GrooveLine instructor teaching a child the guitar


Crucially, we work in partnership, not in competition, with schools to bolster their music provision and to deliver fun, interactive music classes across a multitude of instruments. Students learn from working industry professionals who know how to make future rockstars!
The Grooveline model is multifaceted, with Franchisees providing a range of services to schools. This ensures that we can develop a bespoke programme that fits the unique circumstances of each school and the needs of their students. This also gives our Franchisees the benefit of multiple revenue streams that provide expansive growth opportunities.


Grooveline Music Education Franchise

We talk passionately about revolutionising children’s Music Education, because we so deeply believe in the importance of what we do, and that fundamental change is needed. This talk of a revolution flows through not just the way that we work with schools, and the way we teach our students but also through to our Franchise model itself.

Here's how we are different

There are many children’s Franchise brands that offer wonderful programmes, in a variety of ways. What principally characterises the commercial side of the children’s Franchise industry though are businesses that are often part-time, second job or passion projects. Where the scope to do good is profound, but the scope to grow a significant business is limited.


We set out to change the way that Children’s Franchises are viewed, and to prove that you can make a real difference in the lives of children - and yet still run a serious, sizable and lucrative business.


As a Franchisee you will have direct control of the quality of the music provision that your teaching team provides, and will have ample time to get in the classroom if that is your love. We do however also expect a Franchisee that is ambitious for growth, and is looking to develop and manage the business side of their Grooveline Franchise with the same passion and energy that they put into the classroom.


The good news is that you don’t need to have run a business before, nor do you need to be a musician. We do expect you to share our passion for music, for changing the way it is taught in schools and for making a difference to the lives of children. 

Grooveline Music Education Franchise
Grooveline Music Education


Many of us have dreamed of creating something that belongs to us. Of starting a business that does good, with a mission and a vision that speaks to who we are and our values. Taking the first step towards changing your life can be a daunting one - regardless of your previous business experience. 
With a Grooveline Music Education Franchise, you have the opportunity to achieve this- to become your own boss - but to do so with our support and experience. You will have the freedom to run your business according to your needs and your lifestyle, allowing you to take ownership of your work-life balance.
GrooveLine instructor teaching a child the drums

Have a passion for Music? Always 

wanted to work with Children?

You will also benefit from;


  • A generous exclusive territory with the right schools to approach

  • Comprehensive pre opening training and support

  • Assistance in finding your first school partner and negotiating your first contract

  • Ongoing business and classroom support from the Grooveline Head Office

  • Initial and ongoing training on how to run the business

  • Your own space on the Grooveline website

  • Use of our IT system to manage your classes and customers 

  • Our proprietary Grooveline training method

  • Access to our tried and tested lesson plans and learning resources

  • Use of the Grooveline brand for your business

Our relationships with schools

Unlike most children’s brands, our largest contracts are not the parents or the children themselves - but with the Schools themselves. This gives our franchisees the ability to connect with much larger groups of students, in a much deeper and consistent way.
Becoming a Grooveline Franchise is a big step - we know that, and you probably have a lot of questions about the model and how it could work for you.
GrooveLine Music Eduction instructor
Grooveline Music Education
If our mission and our passion for music education speaks to you, and you think it may be something you’d like to be a part of - simply get in touch and we’d be happy to answer any questions and explain how it all works.


How to apply for GrooveLine Music Education Franchise


GrooveLine Music Education Logo

"Really love what Grooveline are all about and how they are addressing what are real challenges in getting great music education for little ones!

It's so important to give the sort of opportunities that you do, so thanks so much for making something fun, educational and cool!"

Andrew Walters - International Franchise Expert on Trustpilot

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