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Franchising Opportunity in the UK - Grooveline Music Education

Reimagining and Revolutionising Primary Music Education.

Looking to get out of mainstream teaching? Perhaps you want to start a new chapter in your career, build a new lifestyle after years on the road, or you're looking for the opportunity to create your own business but don't know where to start?

We are now recruiting pilot franchisees! Not your average owner/operator children's activity franchise - we are looking for business-minded investors to build a team, create a valuable asset for their future and help make a difference to the state of primary music education in the UK.

Grooveline Music Education is on a mission to reimagine and revolutionise primary music education. We work with primary schools to deliver whole class, 1:1 and small group music lessons as well as after school clubs and holiday camps.

We believe that engaging with music education at an early age is a crucial part of a child’s development. It provides an extraordinary range of cognitive, emotional, and social benefits that help children to thrive in all areas of their lives. Our mission therefore is to ensure that as many children as possible get to experience the benefits that a love of music provides.

To do this, we are on a journey to bring Grooveline Music Education to schools around the UK. In order to meet our ambitious goal we are looking for passionate, like minded individuals who want to lead the music education revolution with us.

Let's Get Down To Business

So, why franchise? And why Grooveline?

There are many different types of business structure and formats.

Why is franchising the model we chose for our Grooveline plans?

Working with likeminded entrepreneurs as part of a franchise network means that we can operate in many different locations at once and pool our experience & efforts to work towards our mission - to reimagine and revolutionise primary music education!

Why could franchising be a good choice for you?

Being in business is not just a mental game, it is an environMENTAL one. Bare with me on this one…

If you are standing on a train that’s hurtling forwards and you jump straight up in the air, you are still moving forwards - despite your action not contributing towards this direction. I’m sure there’s some clever science behind that, but here’s my point: Progress is massively influenced by your environment. If you surround yourself with positive people, support networks and forces moving in the right direction, then your movement in that same direction is inevitable. Likewise if you have built yourself a bad or negative environment, it is very difficult to move against the tide!

A positive, knowledgeable & supportive network is so valuable in life and in business. As a Grooveline franchisee, you would receive not only initial launch training, but ongoing mentorship and support throughout your entire time in business! The head office will be there to support the entire network, and the entire network will be there to support you too.

We have been there, done it and got the Grooveline T shirt! We want to help guide new business owners to success on a path that we have already trodden.

Many of us have dreamed of creating something that belongs to us. Of starting business that does good, with a mission and a vision that speaks to who we are and our values. Taking the first step towards changing your life can be a daunting one - regardless of your previous business experience.

With a Grooveline Music Education Franchise, you have the opportunity to achieve this. To become your own boss, but to do so with our support and experience - building upon the foundations that have been laid for you. All of our experience and learnings of what works, and what doesn’t, will allow you the freedom to run a successful business, according to your needs and your lifestyle. You get to take ownership of your own work-life balance. From the moment you join the Grooveline network, we will be alongside you, supporting your growth every step of the way. We know that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses – so don’t worry, we are here to help fill in the gaps in your knowledge and experience. You’ll get comprehensive training on both how to deliver exceptional and inspiring music classes, as well as on managing your team, operations and securing school partners.

We are looking to franchise owners not just to replicate what we have already achieved, but also to inspire us in our mission. You are crucial to the next part of Grooveline’s story. You will hold a stake both in your part of the franchise network, and also in the state of primary music education.

Want to find our more info? Read all about it on our website franchise page, download a prospectus and book a call to discuss your options!

A Day In The Life Of A Franchise Owner

What could life look like as a Grooveline Franchise Owner?

We’ve developed the Grooveline Music franchise to prove that you can make a real difference in the lives of children - and yet still run a serious, sizable and lucrative business. With our proven business model you can earn well above the average income of comparable Franchises in the sector, all whilst maintaining the flexible schedule to fit your life. You can run a lean business in a small territory or a large team in a bigger area, it’s your choice as we offer models for both aspirations. What’s more, as you build your Grooveline Business you are building an asset that you can then sell when you are ready to do so. The Grooveline model is designed to give a low-cost entry point, allowing you to get set up, running and profitable as quickly as possible.

Some Franchise Owners will choose to deliver some music classes themselves, whilst others may prefer to focus on management and business growth full time. Negotiating contracts, marketing, championing music education, building a team, implementing systems and processes, customer support, student recruitment, educational support, accounting and financials will all form part of the responsibilities of a Franchise Owner!

All of the below photos were taken on the same day as I walked around a few of our schools, capturing a snapshot of what goes on day in day out at Grooveline in Surrey.

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